Certified Covid-19 Lab
A Set Nurse LLC has negotiated group rate contracts with two nationally known and fully certified labs. Each lab brings its own benefits and promises to provide near unlimited capacity. Each lab will provide rapid response biologically based testing results in as little as 12 hours. Nasopharyngeal as well as throat and spit test kits are available. You can option to have cast and crew self administer or have specimen collection administered by locensed nurses and trained and experienced medical personnel.

Disinfectant & Sanitation Crews
Our Sanitation Crews are specifically trained for on-set disinfection. This services includes disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces such as trailers, equipment, food/drinks and craft services, bathrooms trailers, transportation. The sanitation crews have experience working with COVID related deep cleaning in store fronts and business all over Southern California.

Emergency Response Procedures
We help keep those cameras running. Our medical experts have real life emergency COVID response experience and are adept at mitigating chain of infection to keep the entire cast and crew safe. The Set Nurse will ensure you’re in the right hands should an outbreak occur. We help minimize costly production halts by implementing appropriate control measures. Our experts adhere to regulatory compliance so you can move fast without getting shutdown.

Medically Approved Protocols
We stay abreast of guidance from federal, state and local health agencies. We will classify occupational risk based on OSHA exposure levels to determine appropriate production precautions and protocols for all crew and cast. We will document and issue guidelines and training materials that address occupational safety and health of all cast and crew.