On-Premises COVID Testing

We provide a complete management of COVID Testing
services on-call and at any type of business location.

Proudly serving the following areas:
Southern California  •  Bay Area  •  Las Vegas  •  Atlanta  •  New York
Miami  •  Seattle  •  Phoenix  •  Dallas
Concierge nursing services available nationwide for qualified onsite testing

The Set Nurse Difference

What The Set Nurse Does For You

We have teamed up with industry leaders in global health and safety to offer the first comprehensive Covid-19 program designed exclusively for the Film Industry. Our team consists of Physicians, Health Care Personnel, Studio and Film Professionals, and Medical Equipment Manufacturers. Together we have created program that will assist Studios, Productions and Crew members for returning to work safely and safeguarding against future COVID-19 outbreaks.
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    • Certified COVID Lab

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    • Disinfectant & Sanitation Crews

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    • Emergency Response Procedures

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    • Medically Approved Protocols

Types of Companies We Serve

TV Production / Film Sets

We’ll bring our COVID testing kits to your film set to provide accurate testing for your cast and crew. Our sanitation crew can also disinfect your set to minimize production halts and maximize safety.

Large-Staff Businesses

Whether it’s an office or outdoor worksite, our highly qualified team will provide onsite testing and disinfection for high-risk businesses with a large number of employees. Make our services part of your workplace safety protocol.

Private Event Spaces

Provide onsite COVID testing for your event planners, caterers, and other venue staff. Our comprehensive testing and sanitation procedures will give you peace of mind when communicating with guests.

Facilities & Campuses

Student and faculty safety is paramount to a functioning institution. Our licensed nurses and medical personnel will set up on-campus testing, as well as provide sanitation services for common areas.

Meet Our Team

Constance Armstrong
Co-Founder, CEO

In spring of 2020 Nurse Connie worked with a specialized COVID task force contracted by LA County to assist with the shelter in place mandate for the homeless population and implement COVID protocols for individuals in hot spot or break out areas.

Nicole LaCombe, LVN
Lead Nurse

As a former SAG/AFTRA actor, Nicole has been a nurse since 2010 working with diverse populations in community psychiatric nursing and managing a non-profit drug and alcohol detox unit.

Allison Walter
COVID Safety Officer

Allison's combined production experience, attention to detail, and obsession with safety make her a perfect candidate to help get the film industry back to work. She has completed OSHA's C-19 Awareness and John Hopkins University Contact Tracing courses, and is C19CO certified by Health Education Services and Safe Sets International.

Leesha Davis
COVID Safety Officer

With 20 years of experience both in front and behind the camera, Davis knows the complexity of a production set. Her experience with crowd control and crisis intervention from both her film and medical background, allows her to adapt to any situation.

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